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The sound of silence

——Cocoa's artworks with no voice but is more than thousands words!

“Oh, my God! ” I was amazed by the scene as soon as I walked into Cocoa’s studio: There are so many unfinished works lying down on the floor! It was a simple while exciting working space!

From my first glance, I felt the powerful energy that transmitted from the Cocoa’s artworks. I couldn’t explain it via my words. I just felt they are so mysterious!

I think it should be the fruit that produced from the Cocoa’s inner vision. I sense the myth of God when I appreciate her works seriously.

The color, line and forms on her paintings show us the heaven, earth and people, also, the universe. Her creations tell us so much without a word!

-- Daniel Chuang (Canadian artist)

Jan, 19, 2020

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