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An Independant Artist who is passionate about art

Educational Experience:

  • China Central Academy of Fine Arts

Program: Mural painting 


  •  Loyola University Chicago

Program: Master of Arts


  • Beijing Business and Technology University

Program: Bachelor of Arts in advertising


Professional Experience:


2012—Present:  Cocoa's Studio in Song zhuang, Beijing,Independent Artist

Creating and making art works. I have accomplished over 300 pieces of artworks till now. Most of \my artworks are painted by Oil and acrylic.  Originality and spirituality is their primary feature.


Befor 2010: Several advertising company and Internet companies. I have been working as: marketing research, marketing planner, product planner, web editor, sales of advertisement, assistant of CEO, and program manager.

About Me

An Independant Artist who is passionate about art


Cocoa has been an independent artist for over nine years. Around over 300 pieces of artworks have been created by her so far. Majority of them are Oil and acrylics. She also made some digital works and videos. She prefers abstract ways because she realizes they can be more accurate to express her emotion, passion and spirit.

She began to learn painting at 16. However, She studied Advertising when in college. Therefore, She did business world. Eventually she left and to study abroad in the U.S.. The experience of cross-culture expanded her view and transformed her.

One day, she saw a piece of Rothko's works in NGA D.C..  An “ah ha” experience served as the catalyst that triggered her creativity. Since then, she started to create abstract paintings. The act of painting felt incredibly tranquil and emotionally freeing -- by pouring pigments to canvas, She was rediscovering myself – and tapping into a creative place that she never knew. Meanwhile, she felt Holy Spirit was right there with her when she was creating art and painting...  Some paintings were turned out so amazing... She thought some of them were not painted by her, but by the Spirit. Anyway, she enjoyed the process.  She is so eager to share her works with people all over the world, since she hope they can bring the beauty, love and hope from the Cosmos to the world.

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