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Shuttle joy and sadness_CocoaHuang_2021.jpg

Universe, Nature, Light, Aura, Silence and Freinds are all fantastic so as to drive me to create art. 
I do outdoor meditation every day. Meditation helps me connect with God, with nature, with the energies of the universe. Deepen my self-awareness, stimulate my subconscious, so that I get inspiration.
Each piece begins with meditation, by applying practices, step by step, I create a new universe on canvas. My works mainly express the tranquil, refreshing and healing power from the universe and my heart, hoping to bring people more self-awareness, healing, beauty and hope.  It is about transforming the unseen world to abstract paintings. I wish that my art will touch people's heart and soul, comfort or heal, so as to appreciate life and reach something beyond... Moreover, I am always trying my best to be genuine and faithful for art. I have created over 300 paintings so far, most of them are acrylics and oil paintings. Some of them are watercolors, drawings, installations...I enjoyed exploring all kinds of materials to create works.

To see more of my works, please click "Portfolio or blog:)
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