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About my art

I created art works for four years. Around 200 pieces of works have been created by me so far. The Pieces of my works can be broken down into the following five categories: 1) Oils paintings; 2)Water colors; 3) Special material; 4) Sketches and Pastels; 5) Murals.

Time and experience have proven that my artwork is becoming more and more unique, with spiritual intuition and creativity being at the forefront of the many merits. I prefer abstract paintings because I realize abstract art works can be more accurate to express my passion, emotion and the other spiritual world which we cannot see but sense.

Recently, from my friends’ view and my own examine, I realize that my paintings contain and transmit more and more power that has therapeutic effect. I have done several psychological courses 9 years ago such as “Spirituality, Sexuality, and the Body” and “A spirituality of the painful emotions”. I was broken and was healed through the learning and on-going self-therapy. I was transformed and I am grateful. I want to help people who are broken as well. Meaning while, I am passionate about arts. There is happiness and internal peace whenever I’m painting. During these 5 years, I kept praying and meditating every day to augment my connection with God. That prayer has been inspirational and I have the eager to convey the spiritual world to people.

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